5 forex strategies that have proven

On the foreign exchange market, to be successful, it is important to have a good trading strategy. There are, indeed, thousands, but all do not give the same results.
If you have the opportunity to create your own, depending on your profile and your experience, we will offer five, commonly used by forex traders and that have been widely proven.

The strategy of ” Blade Runner “
The strategy of “Blade Runner” is suitable for all the currency pairs of the forex market and all time scales. It is based on a strategy of crossover of the exponential moving average, and on a strategy of trend-following.

The strategy of the pivot of Fibonacci in daily
The strategy of the pivot of Fibonacci daily based on the combination of retracements and extensions Fibonacci on all scales charts, pivots daily, weekly, monthly and annual.

Strategy stochastic double forex
Strategy stochastic double of the forex is based on the use of a stochastic fast and slow at the same time to capture the areas where the price of a currency pair is following a trend.

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