Won’t Chase USD/CAD lower Into BoC – Nomura

The Canadian dollar received positive economic indicators and rising oil prices, yet NAFTA worries are holding it back. And now, the loonie faces the rate decision by the BOC. While Poloz and co. are expected to raise rates the team at Nomura is skeptical. Here is their view, courtesy of eFXnews: Nomura Research discusses USD/CAD […]

EUR/USD: Is 1.25 The New 1.20 For ECB? – Nordea

EUR/USD enjoyed the weakness of the US dollar and surged to 1.23, where it took a break. What’s next? What levels are tolerable for the ECB? Here is the view Nordea: Here is their view, courtesy of eFXnews: Nordea FX Strategy Research discusses EUR/USD outlook, and notes that the pair has broken above its 2017 high and […]

Oil on a roll and some bitcoin bashing – MM #170

Oil prices are on the move, reaching new highs. We begin with diving into what happened and what’s next before tackling the cryptocurrency craze, which makes rollercoasters look moderate.  You are welcome to listen, subscribe, provide feedback and pledge support on Patreon. Black gold shines:  The prices of oil jumped to levels last seen in late […]

How central banks disrupt the forex market

One of the most common refrains heard by forex traders is about the central banks manipulating currency rates. This refrain often refers to the purchase of significant amounts of foreign currencies by a central bank, but there are many other ways that a central bank can and will manipulate world currency markets. Some of these […]

USD/JPY beginning to fall – Forecast Jan. 15-19 2018

Dollar/yen finally made a move and it was down. A small surprise from the BOJ and USD weakness, now originating from China, were the main culprits. Will the pair fall even lower? USD/JPY fundamental movers Mini tantrum, Chinese worries The Bank of Japan surprised with an experiment in the bond market, raising concerns that it is about to […]

USD/CAD Forecast Jan. 15-19 2018

Dollar/CAD advanced despite many things going in favor of the C$. Is it a correction to the big move following the jobs report? The Bank of Canada is left, right, and center in the upcoming week. Here are the highlights and an updated technical analysis for USD/CAD. The BOC’s business survey was quite bullish on the […]