Crypto-currencies extend the recovery into the weekend- BTC/USD testing $15K

The big crypto-crash on Friday saw bitcoin and its peers plunge, often at double-digit levels. Trading on bitcoin futures triggered circuit breakers on the CME Group’s exchange, already in the first week of trading.

Yet after the big downfall, digital currencies experienced a recovery late on Friday. While stocks, bonds, and regular currencies are closed for the weekend, digital coins are in play and extend their gains.

Bitcoin is trading just under the $15,000 level, up some 4.5% during Saturday, the day before Christmas Eve. It had already dropped to $10,400 on Friday, so this is some 40% off the lows, yet still some 25% off the highs of nearly $20,000 in the wake of the new week.

Bitcoin is not alone. Other cryptos are on the move as well:

  • Bitcoin cash (BCH) is up nearly 10% at $2,684. More: Bitcoin cash crash: technical levels to watch on BCH/USD
  • Ethereum (ETH) is up some 7% at $677. More: ETH/USD erosion: creates double bottom – technical levels to watch
  • Litecoin (LTC) is rising by 6.5% to $264. More: Litecoin, heavy crash: technical levels to watch on LTC/USD
  • And only Ripple is slightly lower, some 2% at 1.03%. More: Ripple rolls over: levels to watch on XRP/USD

Note that the changes are from the beginning of the day, not the deep lows were seen yesterday.

More: BTC/USD: Technical levels to watch after the big crash

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