Down on the stockholm stock exchange after oljeprisfall

At 10.40 had OMXS30 index declined 0.1% to 1.624. Turnover amounts to sek 3 billion.

The exchange made the thumbs-up for H&M, Ericsson and Sandvik.

North sea oil fell clearly in the morning, and went with the stock exchange. The price fell from 47:30 to 46:50 dollars per barrel. In oljenyhetsflödet synthesis and an analysis from Goldman Sachs that oil prices could back off to under 40 dollars per barrel unless Opec lowers its production significantly.

Sandvik rose 1.0 per cent – the HSBC, who believe in strong order growth in Sandvik’s division of mining and bergbrytningsutrustning.

Com Hem was down 1.7 per cent after its report, the results were better than expected.

On the other bolagsfronten step SSAB 1.5 percent, the most in the OMXS30 index.

Orexo step with plus 4 percent after its report. Aspire Global, a B2B service provider at the onlinespelmarknaden, debuted on the First North and trading up to 7 per cent.

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