Financial Spread Betting

Financial Spread Betting is NOT available in all countries, in particular it is not available in the USA – so for Americans this section will only be for general interest, unless you can figure out some way of getting a UK resident to bet for you.

Financial Spread Betting
Spread Betting first began after the 1960’s, grew a little in the 1980’s and exploded in the 21st Century with the advent of computers with broadband internet connections, wifi connection and mobile and cell-phone internet technology. We can now trade from anywhere in the world, with anyone in the world. In fact I would say there has never been a more exciting time for anyone, i.e. Joe Public, to get involved in the stock market and the money market.

Alongside the internet many companies have risen to meet the challenge of offering the best online financial and forex trading charts, trading tools and trade dealing platforms.

Because spread betting has become so widely available the competition between spread betting companies is huge, which has forced them to drive down prices and offer more and more benefits for choosing them as your source of trading information and/or spread betting accounts.

Ok, so unless you’re a veteran (if you are what’re reading this for?), you may be asking what the Hell is spread betting? In super laymen’s terms, spread betting means spreading a financial bet over a number of possible outcomes, as opposed to regular betting, say on a horse, where you’re usually betting on a particular outcome – i.e. the horse winning the race. Obviously it’s a bit more complicated than that, isn’t it always, but I will do my best to explain the ins and outs of spread betting within…

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