Forex Investing

Forex InvestingSafety, Transparency, Profit and Liquidity should be key points to consider…

Our forex managed accounts business model provides the following key points;

  1. You have your own forex trading account in your name, we do not hold any funds and only you can transfer and withdraw your money. You have complete control over this.
  2. You can view your live forex trading account in real time anytime you want. It’s your account. There is nothing hidden and why should there be?
  3. Our fees are based on performance and our performance is probably industry leading worldwide based on the risk per trade. We make sure you do well and realise a superior net profit.
  4. You can get started with the minimum investment of only $20,000 to allow us to show you the performance of our forex managed accounts within a few months. This allows you to gain confidence and make an education decision about adding more funds.
  5. You can close your forex trading account at anytime at your discretion and withdraw your funds altogether without penalty. This is unlike any other managed business model.

All investments carry risk and there is risk involved in forex trading.

We are a New Zealand based company and are more than happy to meet you in person

You do not need to know anything about forex to successfully invest with us. This is one of the biggest advantages of a managed account. It allows investors to take advantage of having there funds managed professionally by a trader who trades full-time for a living.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your own tax. We do not get involved, but as a general rule whatever profit you bring back into your country of origin is of course taxable.

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