Housing market – to buy property

How much living space you get is actually for a million dollars? A new survey shows that it differs a lot between the municipalities in the county.

At Östermalm in Stockholm, sufficient million less than a cellar storage area, while on other parts of the country can open the gates to a mansion with eleven rooms, i.e. – a condominium in Stockholm is a million give a surface area of 14 square meters, the same million can give a slightly bigger apartment, between three to four square meters, in Stockholm nearby municipalities Solna, Danderyd, Sundbyberg, Lidingö. But in Kristinehamn in Värmland enough the same amount for a condominium of 227 square meters, shows a survey from Svensk Fastighetsförmedling.

In July, villapriserna still while housing prices declined slightly by -1%. Three months have villapriserna increased by +2%, while the co-operative apartments fell 2%. Despite a continued quiet summer have prices in the last 12 months increased by +9% on villas and +7% for condominiums, according to the latest measurements from Svensk Mäklarstatistik.

Housing prices in Stockholm fell by -2% last month. In Stockholm’s central parts are the prices, however, still, as well as in the malmö area. In Gothenburg, we note an increase of +1% for both the metropolitan area and the central parts. The annual rate is still the highest in the malmö area with +16% and the lowest in Stockholm with +5% and +6% for the county, respectively. the inner city and Gothenburg, sweden, where in between, ” says Per-Arne Sandegren, chief analyst at Svensk Mäklarstatistik.

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