Important investment advice

Investing is like swimming or riding a bike, difficult to learn without practical exercises. But most of the serious investors have also had some means of formal training and some important tips and advice. To read much can, to a large extent replace the formal education, provided it can be basic mathematics.

An ironic definition of a värdeinvesterare is a person who sets great value on to be the one who laughs last. This often requires patience.

You can earn money on the stock exchange by treating it as a game of chance. You do not need to have any higher opinion of the game’s intrinsic value.

-Be wise, not proudly, Was electric, and the modest when it comes to sources. Read the academic studies.

Inexperienced investors often fall for the positive news. Announcements of new products, was ahead of market expectations, are examples of the positive news that attracts.

-Think of the returns and the risks seen after tax.

-You earn money on the to be one step ahead of the mass. To be three steps ahead of the mass may sometimes lead to losing money. Naïveté can be a strength.

-Focus your research on the things that go to know.

-The experts ‘ consensus, is often useless in the case of investment, because stock prices already have dismissed it. Successful investors expect things out themselves.

-To do something that is easy can be just as välmeriterande to do something difficult. Investment is not like diving, you get no extra points for difficulty.

-To subdue his ego can be helpful for an investor because it then becomes easier to change the view quickly.

-Read about krux has, a profit warning which can lead to a drastic change of investors ‘ perception of a company. Profit warnings leads often to the embarrassment among börsanalytikerna. Sometimes a krux has worse before it gets better.

-Technical knowledge can be helpful but is no magic bullet. Many tech-savvy people fail as investors. Gather broad knowledge and to be emotionally able to change their opinion is more important than detailed technical knowledge.

-Study the mistakes of others and learn from them.

-If an investment decision requires detailed calculations, one should take the opportunity, then it is probably too uncertain.


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