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Spara under sommaren – res i höst!

Sommaren är äntligen här och snart sätter de officiella semesterveckorna igång. Svenskarna kommer att lämna sina hem för att spendera tid ute på landet, sommarstugor eller på campingplatser runt om i landet. Detta tycks ske oavsett väderförhållandena. Varför inte åka utomlands och njuta av den där ordentliga semesterkänslan och värmen? Ja, en orsak kan vara […]

GBP/USD is leaning lower and gets close to critical support

A new week, month, and quarter begins with the GBP/USD resuming its losses. What levels should we watch out for? The Technical Confluences Indicator shows that the pair is nearing a strong support line at 1.3152. This is the convergence of the potent Fibonacci 23.6% one-month, the Simple Moving Average 10-4h, the Bolinger Band one-hour Lower (Stdv. 2.2), […]

USD/JPY Forecast July 2-6 – The rosy glasses are still on

Dollar/yen made a cautious move to the upside as trade war fears were subsided quite quickly. Can this last? A busy start to the week features the FOMC Minutes, the NFP, some surveys from Japan, and the recurring theme of trade wars. USD/JPY fundamental movers Some relief in the trade wars The Trump Administration made threats against the […]

USD/CAD Forecast July 2-6 – Crude CAD comeback. For now.

Dollar/CAD changed course and fell sharply as oil prices surged and trade tensions fell. Can it last? The jobs report is the main event on the Canadian agenda, but trade concerns remain central. Here are the highlights and an updated technical analysis for USD/CAD. The price of oil continued its upward march. OPEC’s confusing decision and […]