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EUR/AUD and Crude Oil Elliott Wave Analysis Update

Crude oil can be currently unfolding a corrective retracement, which can see support at the first support target, at 65.90 level, or lower near the 65.50 former swing low. A rally in minor five waves would suggest a completed correction and more upside to follow. Crude oil, 1h EURAUD made five-waves up from the 1.5775 […]

Like leverage and trade in Europe? Changes are coming

ESMA is rolling out significant changes for forex trading in the European Union. What are the regulations? How will they impact trading? How can I prepare?  This article aims to answer all these questions and more.  What it is all about and what we think about it What are the regulations in general? The new […]

EUR/USD cannot really go up – creates a double-top of sorts

The EUR/USD is back to the well-known trading range after a short-lived move to the upside.  The disappointing German ZEW figure casts another shadow over euro-zone growth. The technical picture is slightly bullish, but the range may remain the king. The EUR/USD is trading around $1.2380, balanced on the day. However, this does not tell the whole story. […]

30-minuters handel för upptagna personer

Du är upptagen, jag är upptagen, alla är upptagna, eller hur? Jag har goda och dåliga nyheter. Den goda nyheten är att det spelar ingen roll om du är upptagen eftersom du kan lära dig att handla ordentligt oavsett vad ditt schema är. Den dåliga nyheten är att du inte kommer bli rik snabbt. Vänta, […]