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The hope is he wrong in trading ?

It is often said that the hope makes live, however too much hope can be bad for a forex trader. To hope for something, such as profitability, can be motivating, provided that the expectations of the trader stay realistic and its objectives of gains are attainable. Outside of those who have

The volatility on the foreign exchange market

It is often said, and with reason, that the forex is the market the most volatile in the world. What is this means exactly ? This is what we see, today, in this article. Definition of volatilityThe volatility allows to measure the risk in the foreign exchange market. More specifically, it measures the amplitude of […]

Check out the advice of trading eToro

Is it still necessary to present the broker is eToro ? With its community of traders estimated to be in excess of 6 million worldwide, its presence on the financial markets for almost ten years now and its status of a leader in terms of trading social, you’re probably already familiar with. In addition to […]

4 reasons for change of broker forex

It is also common among the traders of the forex market to want to change broker. Generally, this happens when they undergo a succession of setbacks. It is, indeed, far easier to blame his / her broker, rather than itself when it saves poor trading performance. That being said, sometimes it is necessary to change […]