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What’s involved in creating a new ICO

Everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies and ICO’s. Whilst Bitcoin has been in the public consciousness for years and everyone understands how they can be used and what they do, the new cryptocurrencies can be a bit of a confusing matter. To understand it a little better, let’s go through the process of making our own […]

GBP/USD Forecast Dec. 4-8 2017

GBP/USD made a break to higher ground on growing hopes for a Brexit breakthrough on all fronts. PMIs stand out in the upcoming week, which is quite busy. Here are the key events and an updated technical analysis for GBP/USD. Hopes for a deal on the divorce bill in the Brexit negotiations sent the pound to […]

USD/CAD Forecast Dec. 4-8 2017

Dollar/CAD advanced to higher ground but dropped sharply on excellent Canadian data. The highlight of the week is clearly the rate decision, but there are quite a few other events. Here are the highlights and an updated technical analysis for USD/CAD. Canada gained no less than 79.5K jobs in November and alongside a small beat on GDP, […]

AUD/USD Forecast Dec. 4-8 2017

The Australian dollar managed to stabilize amid OK data. A very busy week awaits the Aussie, including a rate decision and the GDP data. Here are the highlights of the week and an updated technical analysis for AUD/USD. Data coming out of Australia was mostly positive: private capital expenditure came out as expected but came with […]

USD/JPY recovers – Forecast Dec. 4-8 2017

Dollar/yen finally found its footing and began recovering. The USD enjoyed a potent mix of good data, positive comments from Fed officials and upcoming tax cuts. The yen did not manage to ride on fears from yet another North Korean missile test. Will it continue higher? Update: The Senate approved the bill by 51 to 49. […]

NZD/USD Looks To Be Sold Off Too Much; What’s Next? – CIBC

The New Zealand dollar suffered during the latter part of the year due to political fear, especially as Jacinda Ardern was sworn in. But has it gone too far? Here is their view, courtesy of eFXnews: CIBC FX Strategy Research discusses NZD outlook, noticing that the post NZ election period has seen investors aggressively re-position their […]

Trading a Trump impeachment with the US dollar in 3

Donald Trump managed to withstand an amazing number of scandals. However, the latest issues refuse to move away. The recent Comey memo reports are of specific concern. According to the report, the President asked the FBI director to let go of an investigation into Michael Flynn’s business. This could amount to an attempt to obstruct justice, […]

Trump trouble: Can EUR/USD reach 1.20? Levels

Former Trump confidant Michael Flynn has turned against the President and this is rattling markets. Stocks, bond yields, and the dollar are falling quite a bit. Flynn has agreed to testify against Trump and according to the reports, he will say that Trump knew about his dealings with Russia just before the President was inaugurated. […]