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Bitcoin’s next target is $7,025 after consolidating the gains

Cryptocurrencies bounced back with BTC/USD climbing back above $6,000 over the weekend and enjoyed a second bump higher over the weekend. Where next? The Technical Confluence Indicator shows that Bitcoin faces an initial, not too strong hurdle at around $6,686 where the Pivot Point one-week Resistance 2, the Bolinger Band 15m-Upper, and the one-hour high converge. The more […]

Merkel moves the euro up, Trump can turn it down

The EUR/USD is extending its recovery following the resolution of the political crisis in Germany. A light calendar leaves the scene for trade headlines. The technical picture is improving for the pair. The EUR/USD is extending its gains in the European morning, moving cautiously to the upside. The primary driver is the late night compromise […]

EUR/USD is stuck, but the upside is more appetizing

The EUR/USD recovered from the lows as Germany’s political crisis ended with a compromise. What’s next for the euro? The Technical Confluences Indicator shows that there are good reasons why the EUR/USD is trading around the middle of the 1.6000s. 1.1646 is the convergence of the Fibonacci 38.2% one-month, the Simple Moving Average 5-15m, the SMA 200-15m, the SM 50-1h, the […]

EUR: Safe-Haven Or Not? – MUFG

The euro has been moving in a back and worth movement, unable to decide on a direction. What’s next? The team at MUFG examines its role: Here is their view, courtesy of eFXdata: MUFG Research discusses EUR outlook in light of assessing if the single currency qualifies as a safe-haven asset (rise amid risk-off conditions). […]

Spara under sommaren – res i höst!

Sommaren är äntligen här och snart sätter de officiella semesterveckorna igång. Svenskarna kommer att lämna sina hem för att spendera tid ute på landet, sommarstugor eller på campingplatser runt om i landet. Detta tycks ske oavsett väderförhållandena. Varför inte åka utomlands och njuta av den där ordentliga semesterkänslan och värmen? Ja, en orsak kan vara […]

GBP/USD is leaning lower and gets close to critical support

A new week, month, and quarter begins with the GBP/USD resuming its losses. What levels should we watch out for? The Technical Confluences Indicator shows that the pair is nearing a strong support line at 1.3152. This is the convergence of the potent Fibonacci 23.6% one-month, the Simple Moving Average 10-4h, the Bolinger Band one-hour Lower (Stdv. 2.2), […]

USD/JPY Forecast July 2-6 – The rosy glasses are still on

Dollar/yen made a cautious move to the upside as trade war fears were subsided quite quickly. Can this last? A busy start to the week features the FOMC Minutes, the NFP, some surveys from Japan, and the recurring theme of trade wars. USD/JPY fundamental movers Some relief in the trade wars The Trump Administration made threats against the […]