Safe havens look unsafe with trade wars supporting the USD

The escalation of the trade wars does not result in all the expected reactions.  Commodities and their currencies are sensitive as one would expect.  Safe-haven currencies are far from providing the expected reactions.  The US is moving forward and readying new tariffs on China, this time worth a whopping $200 billion of Chinese goods. There is […]

EUR/USD gives in to US Dollar strength

The EUR/USD is on the back foot once again as the greenback sweeps the board. Critical events on Thursday sowed the seeds of the downfall. The technical picture is somewhat bearish for the pair. The EUR/USD is trading closer to 1.1600 than 1.1700 on Friday the 13th, lower on the day but still within well-known ranges. The […]

EUR/USD plunge targets levels below 1.1600

The EUR/USD ended its period of stability and began falling as the US Dollar gains ground across the board. What are the next levels to watch? The Technical Confluences Indicator shows that the pair has some support at 1.1596 which is the convergence of the Fibonacci 23.6% one-month, the one-week low, and the Pivot Point one-day Support 3. If the EUR/USD loses […]

Master ONE-sak att nå handelsframgång

Bakgrunden och inspirationen till dagens artikel kom fram efter att jag läste boken ”The One Thing”. Kort sagt handlar det om hur de största människorna och företagen som har uppnått massiv framgång alltid brukar vara mästare i en specifik process eller sak; de gör det perfekta och fortsätter med processen. De håller helt enkelt den […]