US Dollar Index recovery halted ahead of 94.70

The index rebounds from earlier lows in the 94.30 area. Yields of the US 10-year note hover over the 3.06%, a tad off highs. US Housing Starts beat estimates at 1.282 million in August. The US Dollar Index (DXY), which tracks the greenback vs. a basket of its main competitors, has managed to leave behind […]

Bitcoin awaits the SEC Direxion ETF decision – levels

Bitcoin prices have stabilized as tension rises towards the updated SEC deadline to approve or disapprove the request from Direxion for a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). This could be a make or break moment for the granddaddy of digital coins. The deadline is on September 21st and the announcement could come at any moment. See […]

The next rally for GBP/USD will be harder

The GBP/USD continues holding the high ground on the optimism related to Brexit and amid top-tier UK data. What’s next? The Technical Confluences Indicator shows that the GBP/USD is battling a dense congestion of resistance lines around 1.3150where we see the Simple Moving Average 100-15m, the SMA 5-1h, the Bolinger Band 15m-Middle, the BB 1h-Middle, the SMA 50-15m, the SMA […]

EUR/USD: Broad M-Term Recovery Has More Legs; Where To Target? – CIBC

EUR/USD had already surpassed the 1.1700 level but retreated a bit. What’s next? Here is their view, courtesy of eFXdata: CIBC Research discusses EUR/USD outlook and adopts a bullish bias over the medium-to-long term. Looking beyond interest-sensitive capital flows, remember that the euro is also buttressed by an attractive Eurozone current account surplus that is expected […]

US: Two years to the next recession? – Nordea Markets

Anders Svendsen, Research Analyst at Nordea Markets, suggests that the slope of the yield curve currently puts the next US recession around two years away – 15-28 months to be more precise. Key Quotes “The signals from the yield curve might be less reliable in the current monetary policy regime, which has caused a collapse […]

USD/CAD set to rock on Friday with a double-feature event

Canada releases top-tier inflation and retail sales figures on Friday. The data is critical for the BOC’s October rate decision. The USD/CAD is balanced into the data. Canada publishes its inflation report for August and the Retail Sales publication for July on Friday, September 21st, at 12:30 GMT. There are no significant US publications at […]

Cryptos: 3 scenarios for the Direxion Bitcoin ETF decision

Direxioמ’s Bitcoin ETF request is a high profile one and is set to move all cryptocurrencies. The deadline delay raises the stakes for the upcoming decision as coins await impatiently. The reactions are different in three different scenarios and for each of the three top coins. On July 24th, the US Securities and Exchange Commission […]

EUR/USD is testing the highs, ignoring Trump

The EUR/USD continues its gradual rise despite the US announcement on trade tariffs. China’s retaliated is awaited, and the US may respond to the move as well. The technical picture looks upbeat for the pair. The EUR/USD is trading around 1.1700, holding onto Monday’s gains and even slightly extending them. After two weeks of suspense, […]