ETH/USD erosion: creates double bottom – technical levels to watch

Ethereum is often seen as the “second cryptocurrency”, offering a significant alternative to bitcoin due to its more sophisticated nature. ETH/USD hasn’t always followed its bigger brother, but when all cryptocurrencies crash, Ethereum is no exception. Why are digital coins down? Here are 5 reasons for the crypto-crash. Yet ETH/USD seems to have a better technical […]

Ripple rolls over: levels to watch on XRP/USD

Cryptocurrencies are suffering a sell-off: it’s a Santa rally but just in reverse. Why are digital coins coming down? Here are 5 reasons for the crypto-crash. Ripple was initially guarded against the fall, holding its ground while bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash and litecoin were all tumbling down. However, the sell-off has arrived at XRP/USD as well. […]

BTC/USD: Technical levels to watch after the big crash

Cryptocurrencies are crashing across the board and the leading coin, bitcoin, is not immune to the fall. Why is the sell-off occurring? Here are 5 reasons for the crypto-crash. Bitcoin is not suffering the worst crash, but as the leading digital currency, it enjoys the highest volume and its recent moves offer technical levels of […]

Crypto-crash: BTC down 10%, ETH 15%, BCH 21% – 4 reasons

Crypto-currencies are not enjoying any kind of Santa rally. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash are all crashing quite significantly. Here are the updates, followed by 4 reasons: BTC/USD is down by over 10% to $14,088, already around 30% below the magic number of $20,000. ETH/USD, which was well above $800, is currently trading around $778, […]

Catalan elections: Unionist Ciudadnos set to come first, but separatist parties may have a majority

Anti-independence Ciudadanos are expected to get 34-37 seats in the Catalan parliament that has 135 seats. The pro-independence left-leaning ERC is on course to come second with 34-36. Next in line are pro-independence Junts per Catalunya with 28-29. Then come the pro-Spain socialists with 18-20. While the first party is anti-independence, the pro-independence parties, ERC, […]