GBP/USD MACD indicates a downward movement

GBP/USD forms höhers High, which is confirmed by new high points in the MACD. The selling pressure could increase soon. In the last two weeks has developed a bearish divergence between the price of the GBP/USD and the MACD. Thus, the increase of the GBP/USD has not been confirmed, which is interpreted as a “red […]

Oscillators behave in the USD/SGD positive

The improving upward momentum of the last few days resulted in the USD/SGD, the MACD has overcome its middle line. This could the seller get their Short to close positions, what is the demand among the potential USD/SGD buyers enhances. On the daily chart, the oscillator is not to be found for at least 3 […]

Bearish EUR/USD Formation with positive mood

The Hanging Man from the day before yesterday in the EUR/USD Chart, signaling an impending end to the trend in the next few days or weeks. The ROC oscillator shows a bullish bias, after he was able to rise above the 3 point mark. The bears have, according to the candlestick formation the command, but […]

In the EUR/USD the bears take command

A Evening Star pattern in the daily chart of the EUR/USD. The Evening Star is a summit of education and is considered as a reversal signal after an uptrend. It occurs in the Form of a small candle, whose body is above the first candle’s body. The third candle penetrates far into the body of […]

Forex technical analysis of the 09/05/2017

Dear readers, Each morning, the team offers you the technical analysis of the day to the main cross of the foreign exchange market for the meeting of the 09/05/2017. To put all the chances on your side, don’t forget to check our Forex charts in real-time. And most importantly, don’t forget to place your […]

USD/CHF: Brutal volatility could lead to profit-taking

Watch in USD/CHF, volatility is increasing. The following technical conditions are in place: The search for a day deep went hand in hand with it today that trading over a period of several hours, took place within 2 standard deviations of the Bollinger bands®. In addition, the last closing took place of the course in […]

USD/MXN rises to 1-week high of 19,20

FXStreet – The Mexican Peso fell against the USD on Monday easily. The USD/MXN is in the direction of 19,20 increased and was the highest level since the 27. April reached. Currently, the trade with 80% held one-day gain at 19.15. In the last two days, the price has increased by more than 2%, as […]

Retail sales on Friday will be important – Nomura

FXStreet – The Nomura analysts note that the US retail sales have this week. Important Quotes: “Retail sales had a slow Start in Q1. The Top retail sales had fallen in February and March on a monthly basis of -0.2%, which is mainly due to the weak automotive, parts dealers and tank sales. In March […]

WTI bulls to test the important 46

FXStreet – WTI is trying to reach the 46, after the today the Deep in 45,53 was formed. The rising appetite for risk followed the Macron victory, as the political uncertainty in Europe has decreased. The oil Minister of Saudi Arabia, Khalid Al-Falih, said today at the Asia Oil and Gas conference in Kuala Lumpur […]