GBP/USD still looks overbought – UOB

FXStreet – The GBP/USD remains in the overbought market conditions, said the experts of the Japanese UOB Bank. Important Quotes: Our bullish view remains unchanged. The GBP is overbought but has room to run in the direction of 1,2950. The goal seems to be to not be in range, while the Upward momentum is not […]

USA: What’s in the next week important – Danske Bank

FXStreet – The expert of the Danske Bank’s take a look at the most important economic events in the coming weeks. For this purpose, the key interest rate decision by the Federal Reserve and the official jobs report from the United States. Important Quotes: In the United States are some of the important economic events […]

USD/JPY holds on to Win

FXStreet – After mixed US economic data increased the USD/JPY to a new daily high at 111,70. However, the high level could not be maintained, because the meeting of the UN security Council regarding the Situation in the North moved to Korea in focus. The Couple listed recently on 111,45 and to 0.15 percent in […]

USA: Bohraktivität to submit more

FXStreet – In the United States are Drilling for oil in the past week from 9 to 697 risen, as the US-services provider Baker Hughes on Friday evening announced. This corresponds to the highest level in two years. For a good 11 months of the Bohraktivität has risen almost continuously. ** FXStreet News Editorial,

USD/CAD reached a new 14-month High

FXStreet – The good mood around the USD/CAD has also on Friday stopped. And so, the currency reached a few the second day in a row, new Multi-month highs. In American business, the Couple climbed to the highest level since February of 2016 at 1,3696. Subsequently, there was a moderate correction of the gains rates. […]

GBP/USD medium-term bullish – Commerzbank

FXStreet – The perspective remains the same for the Cable is bullish as long as he’s in the medium term the key support at 1,2609 quoted, said Axel Rudolph, Technical Analyst at Commerzbank. Important Quotes: The Sterling remains in the short term, in the Commandments, as long as it is listed above the Friday low […]

France-election: a Good chance for Macron – BNPP

FXStreet – in view of the clear Vorsprings of Macron against Le Pen in the polls for the runoff election there is relief in the markets, the market analysts of the French Bank BNP Paribas. Important Quotes: This was first noticed in Asia, where the Yen is often seen as a safe haven, depreciated, so […]

IFOP survey: Macron 60,0% vs. Le Pen 40,0%

FXStreet – According to a recent survey by the opinion research Institute IFOP for the right-populist Marine Le Pen in the second round to 40 percent (up from 39.5 per cent) and the social-liberal Emmanuel Macron on 60.0 percent( up from 60.5 percent). ** FXStreet News Editorial,

S&P confirmed Germany’s top stars

FXStreet – The rating Agency Standard & Poor’s attests to Germany, the highest credit rating, told the Reuters news Agency. Germany maintains the top credit rating of “AAA-1+“. Germany’s diversified and competitive economy will maintain the growth momentum, supported by strong domestic demand. The most likely scenario for the parliamentary elections in September was again […]