GBP/USD retreat from days high after US GDP report

FXStreet The EUR/USD failed again because the 1,0950 to overcome and he retired after the publication of the US GDP for the 1,0910 back. The Couple ran into new offerings, even though the U.S. economy was data disappointing. The US GDP rose in the 1. Quarter of 2017 compared to the previous year by 0.7 […]

The weather of the forex from 24 to 28 April 2017

The forex can sometimes be difficult to grasp, especially for beginning traders it is why we now offer you every Friday on to popularize the subject by offering an article at the tone shifted somewhat. Pair GBP-USDWeek is almost perfect for the pound sterling relative to the u.s. dollar. The pair is on a […]

Binary options trading 60 seconds

Binary options 60 seconds also called binary options “turbo” are in fact the same thing as binary options the classical type “high/low” (high/low) except that their expiration is relatively short and limited to one minute. Fast trading, but not without risk ! The trading basic binary options 60 seconds is a of increasingly practiced, in […]