USD/CAD extended the range for projections

The USD/CAD has fallen to the 1-hour chart is just under the 200-SMA. In the short term invested traders see that the USD/CAD price-to-cooling action and your view is now the 800 SMA, the 200 SMA on the 4-hour charts. The last Crossover of this indicator was in this Timeframe a week ago, which highlights […]

USD/SEK remains a Wildcard

The Bollinger bands® on the USD/SEK hourly chart continue to point to the volatile environment, but without a prevailing Trend on the higher Timeframes. The ADX is below 30, which indicates the sideways movement. This is supported by the 50-SMA, which is wedged between the 200 – and 800-SMA. The sideways movement of the USD/SEK […]