Vibe Coin surges some 400% on Binance listing, enters top 100

A new cryptocurrency gains attention: Vibe. The Vibe Coin jumps by nearly 400% in its value as the Binance exchange, growing in its own merit, decided to include it in its exchange. Trading is available on Vibe against both Bitcoin and Ethereum. This cryptocurrency, also known as VibeHub is used to create virtual reality hubs and marketplaces. […]

Ripple price continues crashing: worth half of Ethereum

XRP/USD is now trading at only $1.75, extending the fall from the highs. The move higher was triggered by rumors of Coinbase inclusion and the move lower was sparked by a denial of such an inclusion. Nevertheless, there is another reason for the fall: taking profit on the huge rally. At the current pricing, Ripple […]

Kryptovalutor – NEO

NEO Denna kryptovaluta (tidigare Antshares) annonserar sig som ett nätverk som är öppet för den nya ekonomin. Det är ett blockbaserat projekt som använder bitcoin-teknik och digital identitet för att digitalisera resurser, automatisera digital kapitalförvaltning genom intelligenta kontrakt och implementera en ”intelligent ekonomi” med ett distributerat nätverk. Projektet skapades i Kina 2014 som föregångare till […]