Bitcoin had a good Christmas rest – rises 10%

Digital currencies suffered a major crash just before the long holiday weekend. That crypto-crash was followed by an initial stabilization late on Friday and consolidation during the holiday. Bitcoin found support at $13,207 and began rising gradually from there. As Christmas Day gave way to Boxing Day, these gains are accelerating. BTC/USD is up some […]

USD/JPY in a cozy holiday range – Forecast Dec. 25-29 2017

Dollar/yen advanced just a bit within well-known ranges but never went too far. The approval of the tax bill was priced in while rising US treasuries sent the pair higher. The data proved mixed. The holiday week consists of a few US publications as well as a speech by BOJ Governor Kuroda. USD/JPY fundamental movers Tax cuts, mixed […]

AUD/USD Forecast Dec. 25-29 2017

The Australian dollar extended its gains ahead of Christmas, enjoying the greenback’s weakness and the previous week’s jobs report. Is there more in store for the holiday week? There is only one event on the agenda. Here are the highlights of the week and an updated technical analysis for AUD/USD. The Australian dollar extended the gains […]

USD/CAD Forecast Dec. 25-29 2017

Dollar/CAD traded lower as the Canadian dollar enjoyed mostly upbeat figures. Will this continue? There are no Canadian economic releases scheduled for the holiday week, but low liquidity could result in outsized moves  Here are the highlights and an updated technical analysis for USD/CAD. Canadian inflation is finally picking up. The rise of headline CPI by […]

GBP/USD Forecast Dec. 25-29 2017

GBP/USD stabilized and traded in a narrow range just before Christmas. The holiday week features only one event, but low liquidity could trigger outsized moves. Here are the key events and an updated technical analysis for GBP/USD. Britain’s GDP growth was upgraded, at least on a y/y basis, to 1.7%. The good news was countered by […]

Can cryptos can cause bankruptcy for brokers?

With forex volatility so low and so much excitement about bitcoin and other altcoins, quite a few forex brokers have offered trading in these new and shiny cryptocurrencies. Brokers are responding to demand and by allowing trading on digital coins, they can attract new clients. Yet these clients may not necessarily be the ones that brokers […]