USD/CAD after Payrolls in a Range of about 1,3500

FXStreet – The Greenback keeps on Friday, the canadian counterpart of the socket, so that the USD/CAD after the data from the US and Canada at the bottom of the 1,3500 listed. USD/CAD upward movement is limited in the vicinity of the 1,3550 The Couple was to 1,3500, after the US NFP for the month […]

Warning: the “Death Cross” in AUD/JPY

The AUD/JPY is in the 4-hour chart, a so-called “Death Cross”. This is a bearish sign. In this case, the 50-hour MA crosses the 200-hour MA from top to bottom. Only on the basis of a “Death Cross”, it is not open recommended new sale items. It is a price must increase in the direction […]

Indicators signal the AUD/NZD that it is oversold

The moving averages is a continuation of the AUD/NZD decline to signal on a daily basis. Increase the chances of getting the Momentum. The AUD/NZD seems to want to a Pullback in the direction of the 50 MA resistance. The consistent decline is confirmed by the RSI, because this was the majority of the last […]

US Dollar falls after NFP on new 2017 Deep

FXStreet – The Dollar Index, which represents the strength of the USD against 6 major rivals, fell to the new 2017 Low of 96.70, after the US NFP disappointed. The US Dollar is falling, with data to 96,70 The Index fell to a year low of 96.70/60, after the US NFP were in may, with […]