ADP BNL manque 158K – USD gouttes

Seulement 158K travaux ont été ajoutés dans le secteur privé en juin, selon ADP. Le chiffre pour le mois de Mai a été révisé à la baisse à 230K, toujours au-dessus de la BLS figure. C’est une des conséquences plus graves que prévu. Cela ne signifie pas nécessairement qu’une faible croissance de l’emploi dans les […]

Bitcoin is still over $ 2500

The last few hours shows small, but significant price movement. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum is still in a broad consolidation. Dash and EOS registered a significant growth of over 19%. The volume is still quite low, not exceeding a billion dollars. The day began in a calmer atmosphere, after several days of rise. Huge variation […]

The continued rise in småhuspriser

Real estate prices rose by almost 4 percent in the second quarter of 2017, compared with the previous period. On an annual basis, the second quarter compared with the corresponding period a year earlier, prices have risen by 10 per cent. Between the last two tremånadersperioderna reported rising prices in 14 of Sweden’s 21 counties. […]

Video: Down with the Ericsson indexsänke

The stockholm stock exchange fell 0.2% to the level of 1.623. The stockholm stock exchange, had traded just over 2 billion. The leading european exchanges had a mixed development in the vicinity of the unchanged levels. Klädjätten Ericsson contributed to the decline with its spigot about 2 per cent. Volvo and H&M holding up relatively […]