Intraday SMA crossroads in the USD/NOK seen

The youngest, led the upward movement on the 1-hour chart of the USD/NOK to a Crossover of the 100-SMA, above the 200-SMA. This “Golden Cross” is not guaranteed, however, that the recent correction is complete. Lower rates converge on the hourly chart, the SMA Overlap. This course level is for many USD/NOK Trader a technical […]

EUR/SEK: beware of a strong rally

Good bids in EUR/SEK will lead to a rise of the ADX above the 50-mark, what is happening an upward trend on the 1-hour chart signal. The fact that the ADX was above 10 hours, still under 35, the Situation is rare, but not unheard of. This strong upward momentum the Trader is prompted to […]

USD/RUB the seller relieve the upward pressure

USD/RUB a trader could experience on an intraday basis, soon to be a short-term weakness, the oversold conditions can be relaxed. On the hourly chart, the 50 SMA is located at a distance of-the-day ATR above the 200 SMA. This indicates an intact upward trend. Long-term invested dealer was told that the stochastics on the […]

Harami Formation challenges the upward trend in USD/JPY

Harami Cross Formation in the daily chart of the USD/JPY discovered. That could presage a trend change from bullish to neutral. The USD/JPY attacked the upper end of the Bollinger bands and recorded for two days ( 21-period MA+2 standard deviations ). Furthermore, the stochastic oscillator with the setting of 14,3,3 in overbought area at […]

EUR/GBP Dip buying

The 50-hour SMA has crossed the 200-hour SMA from below to the top. This represents a Golden Cross of the two SMAs and this speaks to the recent long scenario in the EUR/GBP. The EUR/GBP should fall back in the vicinity of the interface, could be long placed in positions or increased. The EUR/GBP falls […]

USD/RUB Momentum turns to the North

MACD line in the daily chart of the USD/RUB was cut from the bottom to the top and generated a buy signal. For the trend follower that means that you are closing Short positions, and may be buying to open positions after the MACD indicating a positive Momentum. The oscillator could rise for the last […]