USD/HUF is at a crossroads

The USD/HUF is currently in an environment characterized by high volatility, but there is a lack of a clear medium-term Trend. The ADX in the 1-hour chart is below 30, which could indicate a sideways phase. Supported the acceptance of the fact that the 50-period SMA between the 200 and 800-periods-SMA, which indicates that also […]

USD/CAD through the 1,3500, days high

FXStreet – The dollar compared to its canadian counterpart, and as a result, the USD/CAD day-to-day high above 1,3500. USD/CAD rises by WTI decline The persistent selling pressure in crude oil prices impacted the CAD. The Barrel of WTI fell below 48,00 $, so that the new 2-week low was formed. Since the OPEC decision […]

Trade the canadian dollar on the forex

The canadian dollar is the 7th best currency traded in the forex market but it is present, all the same, in 4.6% of the exchanges. Here are some tips to negotiate on the forex. A currency correlated with the oilCanada is a major oil-exporting countries of the world. It ranks in the 11th place with […]

Adding OptionWeb in the comparative brokers forex

We have just recently added the broker OptionWeb to our comparison of forex brokers. Let’s take this opportunity to remind you of what is this comparison, which is OptionWeb and why choose this kind of broker to practice trading. Comparison of forex brokers Comparison of forex brokers has been produced and made available to visitors […]

EUR/USD Outlook short term neutral/bullish – Scotiabank

FXStreet – The Scotiabank chief analyst Shaun Osborne is the EUR/USD short term bullish set up. Important Quotes “The weakness of Inflation suggests that it does not have the ECB in a hurry, the loose monetary policy will end. The short-term EU-US Spreads remain on the 2-year sector 200 basis points, to rise so that […]