Book Investeringsguiden for Gold & Silver

Investeringsguiden for Gold & Silver is a financial book for beginners. The book is both important and informative, inspires by highlighting both the historical as the prospects for gold and silver. The cheapest option is to borrow the book at the library. The price may vary slightly, but will after the 1.01.2017 to be around […]

FOMC meeting in focus – Commerzbank

FXStreet – FOMC meetings in recent years were mostly a big event for the currency market. Who sets this time to the fact that the US Central bankers can shake the USD-rates mess, however, likely to be on the wrong horse. Because of the Fed a lot of momentum for the Dollar are to be […]

GBP/USD still looks overbought – UOB

FXStreet – The GBP/USD remains in the overbought market conditions, said the experts of the Japanese UOB Bank. Important Quotes: Our bullish view remains unchanged. The GBP is overbought but has room to run in the direction of 1,2950. The goal seems to be to not be in range, while the Upward momentum is not […]

USA: What’s in the next week important – Danske Bank

FXStreet – The expert of the Danske Bank’s take a look at the most important economic events in the coming weeks. For this purpose, the key interest rate decision by the Federal Reserve and the official jobs report from the United States. Important Quotes: In the United States are some of the important economic events […]

USD/JPY holds on to Win

FXStreet – After mixed US economic data increased the USD/JPY to a new daily high at 111,70. However, the high level could not be maintained, because the meeting of the UN security Council regarding the Situation in the North moved to Korea in focus. The Couple listed recently on 111,45 and to 0.15 percent in […]

USA: Bohraktivität to submit more

FXStreet – In the United States are Drilling for oil in the past week from 9 to 697 risen, as the US-services provider Baker Hughes on Friday evening announced. This corresponds to the highest level in two years. For a good 11 months of the Bohraktivität has risen almost continuously. ** FXStreet News Editorial,