USD/JPY: RSI warns of the completion of a pulse wave

The cops have taken in 4-hour chart is clearly in control and the 50 – and the 200-SMA have already been removed considerably from each other, so that the plated can up to motivate movement to profit-taking. The last increase in the USD/JPY exchange rate has pushed the RSI above the 75% mark. In the […]

USD/SEK in the short term extremely overbought

The RSI in the 4-hour chart has fluctuated in the last 3 weeks most of the time below the 50% mark, and only recently, he climbed over the 60% mark. The USD/SEK was in the descent of the 50SMA it was in the 4-hour chart below the 200SMA until the slide were averages not more […]

Bullish Momentum in the EUR/USD loses momentum

MACD on the 4-hour chart of the EUR/USD falls below its zero line and generates a sell signal. With the decline below the zero line, what happened the last Time a week ago, shows the MACD as a sell signal. Trend followers, which have just been waiting for such a Signal, could try to open […]

What is your plan?

It is much easier, more productive and far less stressful to put up a final goal and think of how to get there, before you start to invest. It is not enough to say ”My goal is to earn lots of money”. If you give into the game without värdefinerade goals and without a clear […]

It’s all about the OPEC production cut – Commerzbank

FXStreet – The price of a Barrel of Brent Oil is expected to recover after the slip in this week slightly, although the U.S. Department of energy, is likely to raise its forecast for U.S. Oil production again, said Barbara Lambrecht, Commerzbank expert. Important Quotes: The Oil market is all about currently to the reduction […]

WTI Oil front the API data in the Minus

FXStreet – Oil prices have recently tested their daily lows. The price for the US variety of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) , listed on the last 46.25 $ 0.39 per cent in the Minus. Investors now await the release of US crude inventories. U.S. Oil puts a focus on API report The resurgence of Concerns […]

USA: Redbook series delivers disappointing results

FXStreet – The Redbook series (retail) delivered disappointing results. In the last reporting week, the sales in the month compared with a 1.6 percent declined to the previous level of 1.3 percent. In annual terms, the nominal increase of 1.3 percent after the previous level of 2.3 percent. ** FXStreet News Editorial,