What is a mutual fund?

When we buy shares so we buy shares in a mutual fund company trying to buy shares and other types of assets to get as high return as possible. If the fund, for example, includes 11 shares, you will indirectly become the owner of all the eleven companies. Everyone who buys shares in a fund […]

Wages increased by 2.0-2.6%

The hourly earnings of workers increased 2 percent, to 164:30 in February, compared with the same month of last year. It shows figures from the central statistics office SCB. Including overtime pay, increased wages for workers by 1.9 per cent, to 166:30 sek. The hourly wage for workers in the private sector increased 2.3 percent […]

Nordic beats forecasts

Nordea’s operating profit for the first quarter amounted to 1,102 million euros, which can be compared with the expected 1,070 million. Net interest income was 1.197 million (against the expected 1, 180m million) and loan losses amounted to eur 113 million. Expected, credit losses on the net 127 million.   Source: Swedish Shareholders    

Silver as an investment

During the first 2,000 years that gold and silver were the main currency on earth, there was an average of twelve units of silver, a unit of gold. The silver was thus twelve times less worth than gold. Of course, varied somewhat depending on the era and region. During the Ming dynasty in China were […]

Twitter rises on the stock exchange

The american mikrobloggen Twitter rises on the NY stock exchange after the company reported an adjusted earnings per share is at 0:11 dollars for the first quarter of 2017. According to Thomas Reuters had analysts on average had expected that sales would increase by 1 percent. Twitter track that it will invest between 300 and […]

Gold prices: up or down?

The price of gold has dropped like a stone the last time. It is very clear that we’re in right now is in a björnmarknad. Bottoming out and the trend line was tested ( it can be seen clearly in the graph below). The price will now come down in an interesting area 1258 – […]

Volvo shows its strength

Volvo’s result is higher than analysts ‘ forecasts. Operating profit amounted to 7,028 million for the first quarter of 2017. The operating margin was 9.1 percent for the quarter – expected, a margin of 7 per cent. Revenue for the period grew from 75,681 million to 77,365 million. ”We see positive signals in the form […]

Book Investeringsguiden for Gold & Silver

Investeringsguiden for Gold & Silver is a financial book for beginners. The book is both important and informative, inspires by highlighting both the historical as the prospects for gold and silver. The cheapest option is to borrow the book at the library. The price may vary slightly, but will after the 1.01.2017 to be around […]