Reach your goals

The first thing you should do is to formulate a precise objective for your work. Wanting to succeed is the main key to success. In this way, you will unconsciously make the decision that will take you in the right direction, so-called vinnarinstinkt.

How do you start in order to succeed? Take out a piece of paper. Write a list of your goals. Write as many as you can think of, was the clear, t.ex: I’ll become the best trader within five years, or I could afford to just have to work a few hours a week. Prioritize your goals into categories. After you have made your destination list is the next step in the process to create a mental picture of your success.

By visualizing your success affirmerar you to your goals. To so, affirm is to regularly repeat positive phrases in självförbättringssyfte. When a positive affirmation is used deliberately and repeatedly drops it into your subconscious and eventually becomes a real thought.

Write a diary.

Repeat several times a day: I am the best trader. I love what I do.

Never give up.

A relentless belief in your ability to become a good trader requires that you learn to master your condition. Remember, if physiology. Fisiologi is about how your physical body with their breathing, posture, and momentum sends signals to your hjörna and vice versa.What you focus on, you will eventually feel.

See the situation in front of you as if you see yourself in a movie. Make it even with the negatia the image. Define what it is that happens just before you do it, which leads to unwanted results.

Sometimes one becomes comfortable and succumb to using the same methods and strategies that have worked in the past, but there are a number of possible ways to handle this, t.ex work in the short term, so as to regularly formulate new or redefine old goals. Another is to raise the level of difficulty of the goals you formulate. But all of this can lead to negative emotional states in the form of fear of failure.

Stress arises if one hesitates or doubts in his own ability. This may be because the objectives are too ambitious and the solution is then to lower them a little bit.The reason for this classic trading dilemma is likely due to our fear that the market will take away from us our profit. Learn, therefore, to handle the stress – t.ex. avoid selling your shares too early in the uppgångsfas. Remember: If the stock only rises a little bit (1,5–2,5 %), just so that you get to sell the ”first” third, then you have almost a guaranteed profit position.

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