Ripple price hits new high: XRPUSD touches $2.65, market cap 43% of bitcoin

The price of Ripple did not stop after conquering the second place from Ethereum. The cryptocurrency that is gaining interest from Japanese banks continues rallying with XRP/USD hitting a high of $2.65. The previous record was $2.49, in a double-top formation that did not last for too long.

The cross-border payments solution for big banks received a boost a few days ago from rumors that it would be included in Coinbase, the largest exchange for digital coins. It is some 17% higher on the day and around 120% higher on the week.

The current market cap of Ripple is around $112 billion. For comparison, bitcoin is at $255 billion while Ethereum is only at $86 billion. That puts Ripple’s market cap at around 43% of bitcoin’s. There is still a lot to go in order to dethrone bitcoin as the No. 1 crypto coin.

The CEO of Ripple recently ridiculed bitcoin by saying that the coffee gets cold while you wait for that bitcoin payment to be confirmed. Ripple boasts a transaction time of 4 seconds. We have recently seen that for bitcoin, there is such a thing as bad publicity. Will it happen to Ripple as well?

Here is the recent hourly chart of XRP/USD showing the recent rise.

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