Ripple price: XRP/USD shifts up to a higher range – more gains?

After hugging the $1 level, Ripple ripped higher, but is now taking its time to consolidate its gains. XRP/USD is trading at around 1.1360 at the time of writing and testing the edges of its new, higher range.

Resistance awaits at 1.15, which was the line that the cryptocurrency recovered to after the big crash on Friday. Support is at 1.10. This round level capped the pair over the Christmas weekend and is the low point that Ripple fell to after this fresh upswing.

Further resistance is at 1.18: not only a round number but also the swing high of the most recent rise to the upside. The next line is already the all-time high at 1.25.

Support below 1.10 is at 1.0350. The line worked as resistance and the top of the range when XRP/USD was around parity with the dollar. Below $1, we find 0.9540, the bottom of that range. The next cushions are already much lower: 0.85 (the Christmas low) and 0.66, the trough that was seen after the big pre-Christmas collapse, aka the crypto-crash.

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Here is how it looks on the 30-minute chart:

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