Safe & Secure

Safe & SecureYour forex managed account is bank secured in your name giving you control of your forex trading account at all times

One of the main advantages of a forex trading account is that we do not hold any funds as you hold them in your personal forex bank account. What this means is that only you have access to withdraw or transfer funds, as the forex account is in your name.

Another key point is that managed forex account is unlike other managed accounts where you give your money to a manager who then pools your money with other investors. How do you know what is going on? A Forex managed account does not require you to transfer your funds into a managers account. All it does is allow a professional forex trader to trade your account on your behalf. This is ideal way to have your money managed for maximum safety and control. Moreover with a forex managed account you can check the balance of your account at anytime, see the daily trade activity, or withdraw or deposit funds when you please without penalty. No other investment with a money manager can compare to this not only in terms of safety and security but also transparency and liquidity.

As you will be participating in the world’s largest market there is really is little risk of insider information with the massive volume of participants trading the foreign exchange market. Moreover there has never been a developed country which has had it’s currency collapse into a non-recoverable situation. Even during the credit crisis of October 2008 the volatility the leading currencies rarely exceeded 1% per day. Compare this with the volatility of shares which can fluctuate by up 10% on on trading session and you will see just how safe forex trading can be.

Also please be aware of the strict money laundering laws if you open the account in your name, then the money has to go back into an account with your name on it. So physically it cannot be sent to anyone else’s account.

Full Transparency

Our Forex business model is fully transparent. Transparency should be a key factor in your decision making process.

Some key points to remember is that we do not hold any funds as you hold them in your personal account. This is unlike other managed funds that are pooled. In this business model you have 24 hour access to your individual account which allows you to monitor everything in real time. There is nothing hidden and why should there be.

Moreover you will be able to see for yourself the performance of the managed account within a few months of joining and then make a decision on whether you want to continue, add more funds or withdraw your funds altogether.

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