Three important things to consider before you get started


A goal is simply something that we, consciously or unconsciously, are trying to achieve or avoid. A target marked above all by two things. One is that it is in front of us, in the present or in the past. The other is that it describes a condition we want to achieve, maintain or avoid. Try to sell gold, make on last year’s results, are examples of this. The opposite of this is those times where we act based on a wait-and-see-mentalitetet. Some want to have goals for the most part they expect, while the other seems to be a bit less målfokuserade. Goals may have an effect on our emotional states, negative, positive, and makes things clearer for us, which reduces the experience of stress. When we get clear about what we should do and what’s expected of us, we simply remove a common source of stress and anxiety.

Objectives can also have a beneficial effect on positive emotional states such as, for example, experiences of pride and menningsfullhet. A complete lack of goals inevitably points to a variety of problems, such.ex inaction.

3 M

You might have heard about the ”3 M’s” of trading; Mind, Money and Method. Handelspsykologi is a critically important topic. If you do not understand the role that your mind plays in trading, you will get caught in a cycle of endless handelsfel.
Trading is extremely difficult and the meaning is in your own mind. If you do not control your mind, you have absolutely no chance to make consistent money in the market, in fact, you will almost certainly lose money if you do not understand and control your mind.
Most traders are aware that psychology is an important factor in trading.


Finding a mentor is not that difficult. A mentor need not be a source of knowledge, but can also be a good role model. We can make their knowledge to our. By linking up us on the same frequency as a person we want to emulate, we would thereby be able to transfer their information to ourselves, about who to bring over the information from one hard drive to another. But even if you are fortunate to have had some fantastic mentors along your path, so you must have a very strong faith in your ability and your opportunities. To believe in their own ability can affect both sinneskontrollen and the brain. Faith can also open or close the flow of ideas. It is a fascinating knowledge. By that faith you can also take advantage of a previous result to create the new.



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